2019 Jury

Michel Bettane

The famous French critic Michel Bettane, co-publisher every year of the Bettane Guide and Desseauve of the wines of France, gives us the honor to preside over the jury for the second consecutive year! The team of experts Bettane + Desseauve organizes tasting shows (Grand Tasting and Winelab), awards prizes (Prix Plaisir), advises major brands, publishes its magazine (En Magnum), manages websites (bettanedesseauve.com, mybettanedesseauve.fr).

Manuel Peyrondet

Like last year, this contest was built in close collaboration with Manuel Peyrondet, a young sommelier with a meteoric career. He won the Ruinart Trophy in 2005, the Master of Port the following year, before becoming Best Sommelier of France in 2008, then Best Worker of France sommelier in 2011! He then founded Chais d'Œuvre, a club of wine lovers and buyers, which today counts nearly a thousand registered members.

Gwilherm de Cerval

Gwilherm de Cerval a (very) young sommelier joined the cast this year! He served in many prestigious restaurants in Paris (Hotel Ritz, Relais Louis XIII, Royal Monceau alongside Manuel Peyrondet). He then becomes an agent of winemakers for Domaines, Maisons and Châteaux. Member of the Paris Association of Sommeliers for the young cell, he joined the teams of Paris Bistros investigators for the Lebey Guide and became wine columnist for the Journal Du Dimanche. Founder of the Mayonnaise Egg Protection Association, he also becomes wine columnist for "Très Très Bon" tv show.

Jean-Marc Bellier

Specialist whiskey, Jean-Marc Bellier is the last "wine and spirits" expert of our jury. He has worked for a long time in the world of wine and is now the Director of the Boutique La Maison du Whiskey rue d'Anjou. He is also the host of many events related to this brand and often accompanies members of this club on trips abroad to discover distilleries in Scotland, but also many other countries. Made famous by his lyrical tasting notes from the catalog, Jean-Marc combines his passion for writing and that of single malt.

One last person will be in our jury : Stéphane Blohorn of Maison Androuet !