Oenophiles and gastronomes, thank you for reading the rules of the Coupe Ès-SENS Ferrières.

  1. Any registration commits the team to come on the day of the contest.
  2. Any team member replacement must be notified to the organizers of the event no later than the last working day preceding the competition.
  3. Any cancellation after 7 days preceding the competition entails the payment of the meals costs (70 € / pers).
  4. Any cancellation of accommodation after 7 days preceding the competition results in the payment of the night (180 € / team).
  5. Candidates agree to come the day of the contest with a correct dress.
  6. Each person can participate in the Coupe Ès-SENS Ferrières at most twice.
  7. Each candidate must be a student under 28 years of age (proof may be requested)
  8. Each candidate will have to behave appropriately; the organizers reserve the right of exclusion if necessary.
  9. Each candidate must arrive on time on the day of the competition. In case of delay of more than thirty minutes, access to the room will be refused until the beginning of the next round.