The contest

A few words

The Coupe Ès-SENS Ferrières, an annual event first held in June 2016, is the first international gathering that challenges students on their knowledge in wine tasting and gastronomy. It aims to support the transmission of knowledge in these areas throughout generations and to promote French culture and lifestyle.

The competition

Here is how the competition takes place:


The Coupe Ès-SENS Ferrières takes place in two rounds: the qualifying tests and the finals.

The teams will first be assessed based on their written comments on wines and food (including pairings) and on their general knowledge during the 3 qualifying tests:

  • two blind tasting rounds in teams (each consisting of 3 students)
  • one individual theoretical test, which determines an individual winner who will get a special prize.


During the finals, the three best teams go through a final food-and-wine pairing test featuring a dish cooked by the chef of the Château de Ferrières, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France Patrick Juhel, and a dozen different wines. The finals determine the winning team!